We understand that each product is different therefore we will tailor a business strategy to suit your business. We believe in personalised service and will ensure that your every need is met.

Food consultation

Bitton Consulting will assist you with general business consultancy for your food industry. Some of the services offered are:

  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Menu consultancy
  • Recipe development
  • Product/range development
  • Content writing
  • Kitchen design and consultancy
  • Equipment advice
  • Sales strategy
  • Operations
  • PR & Communications
  • Finance advice

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Product development

Bitton Consulting will assist you with the development, manufacturing and marketing of your product from first concepts to launching it into the marketplace. Some of the services offered are:

  • Concept consulting – Brainstorm first concept ideas to marketable brands
  • Product Development – Assist you to develop new innovative products to match market trends
  • Market Research – Analyse the marketplace and competitors
  • Recipe Development and Testing – Developing recipes, sourcing suppliers/produce
  • Manufacturing – We will help you to manufacture your first complete batch of products, from product testing to quality control measures to your first batch of produce
  • Costing and Margins – we will advise you on product costings/margins/wholesale rate and RRP
  • Sourcing of Packaging – We will source your bottles/packaging requirements
  • Designing of Labels – We have aligned ourselves with young, enthusiastic, cutting edge designers, which could assist you with label designs, branding and business collateral
  • Nutritional Information/Barcodes – We will ensure that your product label meets all the requirements of food standard codes.

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Bitton Consulting is happy to provide you a marketing plan and support for your product range, café restaurant or other food related business. With extensive experience in marketing within the Hospitality/Tourism/Food Industries, we can advise on and provide:

  • Market research for your business
  • A clear marketing strategy including a timeline and ongoing support
  • Social media
  • PR & communications
  • Brand management solutions
  • Collaboration/partnership concepts
  • Advertising
  • Blogs/newsletters
  • Content writing

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Personalised Gifting

We can create a product specifically branded for your corporation, either for one off celebrations, promotions and/or ongoing merchandise eg. Beautifully handmade jam branded with your logo.

  • Why not personalise your corporate hampers/gifting
  • We can source gift boxes and packaging
  • We can help you create a unique culinary product to suit your clientele

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Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain system and effective logistics strategy are integral to the success of any business. Supply chain and logistics activities move products or services from supplier to manufacturer, to retailer and ultimately to the consumers. We will develop a plan that works for you and ensures a smooth transition into each of these sectors. By having the right supply chain system and logistics strategy in place, your business can save costs, improve delivery efficiency and increase competitiveness.

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Selecting and managing your distribution channels is key to your marketing mix, and integral to the successful operations of your business.

It is all very well to have an amazing product with a well-recognised brand, clever PR and a reasonable pricing however if they can’t get their hands on it, your hard work is wasted.

Choosing the right distribution channel for your business is critical, and ensuring you understand the process and have a documented agreement will assist in the development of a mutually beneficial relationship.

We can advise you on:

  • Distribution platforms nationally and internationally
  • Transport Solutions
  • Warehousing advice
  • Logistics

Please note that Bitton is not a distributor and will not be able to warehouse your product.

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General Business Consultancy

We offer small business mentoring programs and consultancy to companies just starting out or which have not yet achieved their desired results. We will act as an extension of your business and we will help you reach your goals by providing advice on:

  • Brand management
  • Logo and business collatoral
  • Company mission/vision statements
  • Business planning – if you are looking to start up , change direction or take your business to the next level, we will help you plan and execute it to make it happen
  • Business mentoring – our experienced staff have mentored a number of small businesses that have started up from scratch - don’t make the same mistakes we have – call us for advice first
  • Sales & marketing
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Content writing – we have an experienced writer/blogger on our team that can assist you with food articles, blogs, newsletters etc
  • Company organisational chart/staffing
  • Internal operations
  • HR & rosters
  • Sponsorship
  • Financials

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We look forward to talking to you and becoming an extension of your business, nurturing your creations and ensuring success as you launch into the marketplace.